e-mail : xr@xavier-raufer.com


Doctor (Geography/Geopolitics) University of Paris-Sorbonne

Master (Geopolitics/terrorism studies) Université de Marne-la-Vallée

Director (studies and research) Department for the Study of the Contemporary Criminal Menace, University Panthéon-Assas - Paris II, France.

Associate prof. Chinese People’s Public Security University, and Beijing Political Sciences and Law University, Beijing & Shenyang, PRC.

Editorial Director, and adviser, Editions Odile Jacob & CNRS-Editions (Publishing house of the French National Council of Scientific Research) Paris, France.

Author & co-author of several books in French language, on criminology, and on terrorism or related matters (recent ones) : (Author’s book before 2003)

Le grand réveil des mafias Ed. J.-C. Lattès, 2003

L’énigme al-Qaida Ed. J.-C. Lattès, 2005

La Camorra, une mafia urbaine Ed. La Table Ronde, 2005

Mafias, triades, cartels... : la criminalité organisée dans le chaos mondial ed. des Riaux, 2006

Le nouveau Chaos mondial : penser la sécurité dans un monde chaotique, principes et perspectives ed. des Riaux, 2007

Les Nouveaux dangers planétaires – CNRS-Editions, 2009

"2016" - ten arguments on criminal globalization in the foreseeable future

1. We take "foreseeable future" to mean the next five years (2011-2016).
2. If nothing is done (and so far the "international community" has done little), the world—including developed countries—will see a second wave of crime in the next five years, which will exacerbate global "gangsterisation".