(avec Lee Hamilton, Bruce Hoffman, Brian Jenkins et Paul Pillar) Council on Global Terrorism – 2007

The West is in a worsening, eroding position in the struggle against global terrorism. While we have experienced some tactical success and thus far managed to protect the U.S. homeland, the growing tide of radicalization will create an increasingly volatile and dangerous environment. Taking the form of a report card, State of the Struggle assesses the West’s progress across a wide array of counterterrorism imperatives. From ethical questions of balancing security and core values to the problems of creating viable counterterrorism coalitions to the likelihood of terrorist use of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons, the report examines a wide swath of issues necessary to create workable counterterrorism strategies.


  1. Combating Islamic Extremist Terrorism
  2. Improving U.S. and Coalition Counterterrorism Capabilities
  3. Creating an Effective Coalition to Fight Terrorism
  4. Preventing Terrorist Attacks with Nukes, « Dirty Bombs », Germs and Chemicals
  5. Protecting the U.S. homeland
  6. Balancing Security and Core Values
  7. Reversing Islamic Radicalization
  8. High-Risk Areas
  9. Shaping Long-Terms Solutions
  10. Rating the Future Terrorist Threat

In Sum : State of the Struggle

Council Members


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